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Seaside Driving is an endless road trip with 8 unlockable vehicles and 5 randomly generated tracks. Your goal is to enjoy and keep your eyes on the road. Avoid objects, traffic lights, gas tanks and other obstacles and hit the gas!
How to Play:
Tilt the controller or move the analog sticks to control the vehicle.
Use the boosters when the boost meter is full.
How to Earn Money:
Collect coins to purchase cars and unlock tracks.
Land a vehicle and take control of the vehicle to grab coins or gas.
To get coins on tracks, avoid obstacles and traffic lights.
Earn more coins by accumulating bronze, silver, and gold medals.
For more help and tips on gameplay, go to
*Supported controllers
■Give it a try and see how it works
Check out to learn more about our game and to leave comments and suggestions.
*This is not a licensed product, if you wish to support the game, you can buy our official soundtrack or visit
*Rights to the game are owned by RedunO Ltd
Released: August 29, 2019
Rights to the game are owned by RedunO Ltd
*The game is developed and published by RedunO
Copyright RedunO All rights reserved.
*Developed for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Xbox One and Switch.
*Published by RedunO

“Here’s the soundtrack for Seaside Driving. Enjoy and play it.
Song List:
01: Driving
02: Beach Drive
03: Up In Smoke
04: Where The Wild Things Are
05: Trippin’
06: Space Rush
07: All Nighter
08: Floating
09: Party Time
10: Slow
11: A Night To Remember
If you like the music, go check them out at

Seaside Driving is a relaxing endless driving game. Get into your car and cruise along the Ocean Coast Highway. Featuring ’80s inspired synthwave music to pump up the experience. The game support Xbox 360/One and Switch Pro controllers*. Drive, drift, dodge, jump, and collect!
endless driving
eight unlockable vehicles
five randomly generated tracks with a unique theme & synthwave soundtrack


CrossCode Original Soundtrack EX Features Key:

  • Action-style RPG Gameplay with over 30 hours of gameplay and more than 50 levels
  • Cut the rope on solving puzzles to start out with a new adventure. Along the way, you’ll make choices which affect the outcome of the game.
  • 3 Different Player Characters! Each with their own set of skills and strengths, learn their character’s personality and provide a unique experience
  • A deadly premise with a suspenseful storyline you won’t want to miss!
  • » The Rules Of Viking Saga: The Cursed Ring»

    • Game must be played using Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher, Chrome and Firefox. It may not run on mobile devices in the field.
    • This application was designed using Adobe Dreamweaver MXRCC Version 3.
    • This copy was written in PowerShell

    Viking Saga: The Cursed Ring

    This time, you will travel back in time to a dark era when Vikings ruled the seas! In this time, Vikings strike the shores of Denmark…

    Features OF Viking Saga: The Cursed Ring Game Key:


    • Action-style RPG Gameplay with over 30 hours of gameplay and more than 50 levels.
    • Cut the rope on solving puzzles to start out with a new adventure. Along the way, you’ll make choices which affect the outcome of the game.

      CrossCode Original Soundtrack EX [Updated-2022]

      Kids Cartoon Maker is fun, creative, educational software for kids and parents to make animated cartoons! Let your kids make fun stories to share with friends and family.
      It makes it super easy to let you and your kids unleash imagination while having a lot of fun at the same time. Make a silly fun video for someone’s birthday, practice the ABCs, paint pictures, use it as a fun interactive whiteboard teaching tool, with your imagination there’s no end to what you could make!
      Includes many pre-made assets and painting/drawing tools to make it easy to create your animated stories.
      It’s very easy to use. Just sign in, open the drawing and you can start creating. Get ready to make crazy stories and/or movies!
      Game Updates
      From now on, you will be able to find daily (or weekly) updates to the game that will include new assets, characters, words, props, backgrounds, special effects, prices, etc.
      Please make sure to stop by my Facebook and YouTube channels to be alerted of new updates:
      Youtube: free version is no longer ad-free.
      So, how do you like Kids Cartoon Maker by Russpuppy? Let us know in the comments!
      Which is your favorite and who is your favorite character? If you liked the game, please consider buying our extended version by buying our Merchandise:
      Thanks for watching!

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      “Children’s media” is a general term describing various forms of media, especially mass media, geared towards young people or children. It has been used by psychologists and educators to describe children’s fiction and non-fiction media such as television, books, music, newspapers, comic books, and video games. Their impact on children’s well-being and education have been of interest to the media industry.
      In recent decades, the term is a catch-all for media content that is often stereotyped and is considered to be of lesser quality, value or importance than that placed on media content directed at adults. The number of hours children spend in front of a screen has been said to be the primary reason for the rise in the cases of attention deficit


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      Rawhide’s debut Australian brochure is about as good a read as any. Of the 22 artists on show, only a handful have seen the light of day in this country. Together they will form the backbone of what, I can only guess, will be a body of work like no other.

      The fall of 2008 is proving to be banner time for the art scene in Melbourne. On the one hand we have the now infamous works by a prolific New Zealand artist who has struck on a Gallipoli theme. A tidal wave of public interest will eventually wash over his slowly growing body of work. But just down the road, at least for the time being, lies the new Tate Modern, providing a world class exhibition venue for work that will surely command the interest of the wider Australian art fraternity.

      Together they will form the backbone of what, I can only guess, will be a body of work like no other.

      The wide-spanned ideals of the ambitious Shannon Firestone seem to be reflected in the overall direction of her work. There is a sense of longing and an eye for the dramatics of the human condition. Equally what unites the mixed media ranges is that they manage to blur the lines between formal boundaries. Firestone herself, listed as an Associate of the National Art School in New South Wales, discusses her approach.

      “I allow myself plenty of time to create and if I don’t get bored then there is a problem,” she says.

      A graduate of the 2005 exhibition at the La Trobe University, Firestone has recently been in residence at Australia’s National Art School in Surry Hills. She feels lucky to have the room and time to create and lets her imagination run riot without the confines of time and budgetary restraints. The environment, she says, gets her in the creative zone. Taking a certain degree of risk, she has recently smashed glass and poured water across her studio floor. A recent example has been the works that have had their ephemeral elements left out there to be discovered by the elements, cut off at the neck and eventually flushed down the toilet. Perhaps for a different type of artist, this would not be a project to undertake.

      But Firestone sees this as a positive process in her creative life. “It can be really uplifting and you can see the results in the end,” she says. “But nobody is there to see it so you don’t know


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      The official videogame for the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC).
      Experience the greatest world of sport, racing and rally on the most playable route ever in a rally game.
      Compete on five extreme stages in six of the most famous rallies from the history of the WRC.
      Experience the “Las Vegas Trophy”, the “New Zealand Trophy”, the “Norway Trophy”, the “Scandinavia Trophy” and the “Alpine Trophy”.
      Developed under the FIA Technical Regulations, the game reflects real-life conditions and the finest rally cars of the series.

      Play with official FIA-homologated cars from the World Rally Championship (WRC)
      More than 250 cars, divided into five classes (19 Group cars, 42 Group 2 cars, 40 Group 3 cars, 52 Group 4 cars, 96 Production cars)
      More than 150 special vehicles
      Compete in six of the most famous rallies from the history of the WRC:
      Las Vegas Trophy
      Alpine Trophy
      New Zealand Trophy
      Norway Trophy
      Scandinavia Trophy
      Las Vegas Cup
      Five official stages:
      Las Vegas
      Gran Canaria
      Monte Carlo
      Free updates available and continuous improvements

      Content on this page comes directly from press releases and fact sheets provided by publishers and developers and was not written by the Game Revolution staff.Novel mutations of TTP gene: a rare cause of hypertension.
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    Mercenaries Blaze

    Mercenaries Blaze Download (Full Version)

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    Mercenaries Blaze

    Best Video Guide/Tutorial

    • How to Install Mercenaries Blaze on any Windows OS
    • How to Install Mercenaries Blaze on Mac OS X

    Mercenaries Blaze

    System Requirements

    • Minimum System Requirement – 100 MB Ram
    • OS: Windows XP / Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024 x 768 display (for playing)
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
    • Networking: Internet Explorer or Firefox
    • Additional Requirements: A DVD playback and audio player that supports DVD menus (e.g., VLC)



    System Requirements For CrossCode Original Soundtrack EX:

    Pumpkin Pete’s Tournament Server is the ultimate pumpkin carving competition simulator.
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