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Name Boot Hill Blaster
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Explore the Kingdom of Venia! There’s just one major problem: the kingdom is divided. The Venians have built it up into a pretty well-equipped kingdom but are still suspicious of each other. Only one leader has been elected. The Knights of Venia, the ruling elite of Venia, feel they are entitled to rule and their increasing power is a threat to this.

Castle of Venia gameplay:

– Castles are defended by a garrison of knights;

– There are four classes;

– Seven factions;

– Gameplay mode switches between land and water;

– Gameplay elements include the kingdom map, siege battles, experience system and a global castle defense;

– There are four castles and ten provinces in the map;

– Each province has a castle, but at different levels of development and with different economies;

– You can conquer the castle of your enemy, or even establish friendly relations;

– There are two other modes: Classic and Castle Bank;

– There are twenty five challenges for you to complete;

– There are over fifty spells to unlock;

– There are 1000 items to collect;

– There are 4 character paths to choose from:

A Knight of the Family

A Knight of the Faction

A Knight of the Empire

A Knight of the Royal Family

– In this game, you choose your path before starting the game;

– Every character has their own strength and weaknesses;

– There are 10 factions;

– The Knights of Venia believe that they are entitled to rule and their growing influence poses a threat to the other factions;

– The Kingdom of Venia is divided into four regions;

– The four regions are Alem, Arrazz, Gort and Astranda;

– Alem is located in the south and is covered in lush grass and forest;

– Alem has a varied and rich natural environment;

– The region’s economy is based on agriculture;

– The region’s economy is based on agriculture;

– Arrazz is a desert area;

– Arrazz has arid sand dunes and a variety of landscapes;

– Gort is covered in grasslands and trees;

– Gort has a flatter area with a limited amount of forests;

– The


Boot Hill Blaster Features Key:

  • Simple, easy to play, quickly learns, easily enjoyed
  • Safe levels.
    For toddlers, children
  • When completed, get an achievement
  • It is your child's first step to learn QRCode
  • Learn QRCode and make it a positive experience!
  • Simple and funny, and Brain is really fun to play

    • Touch the screen to make the red paw jump.
      Are you ready to play it? Then you must touch the screen as often as you can!

    Safe levels

    • No random level
    • Easy to play
    • Does not depend on your child's hand-eye coordination.
    • There is a goal, so it is not boring.

    Game to be completed before your child's eyes

    • No time limit
    • Good for toddlers, children


    • Prevent the boredom
    • Start learning QRCode.
    • Do not want to get bored with play

    How to play

    • Press the screen to jump
    • Start the game as soon as you set up your phone
    • If you complete the first level, be sure to get a new level
    • Your child is very likeable

    App Usage



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    Necromunda: Underhive Wars – Cawdor Gang Game Features:
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    – Each gang and their player can have its own unique specialization and Gear.

    Additional Notes:
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    – The weapons, utilities, equipment and models found in this pack are shared across all players in the game, not just the Cawdor gang.
    – All players should have access to all included content upon purchase.
    – Necromunda: Underhive Wars is, by nature, an online-only game and all content found in this pack is online exclusive and therefore requires that the expansion be purchased and downloaded from the CSE menu.
    – All content found in this pack will be completely free.
    – Please note that the pack itself does not give access to the Cawdor gang, players must purchase the ‘Cawdor Gang Pack’ to enable access to the Cawdor gang.


    What’s new:

      Through Powerpoint

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      David Duke: It is now our final opportunity to question the illuminati organization. They brought us hundreds of trillions of our own money to help enrich the greedy holders and a contract with the Chinese government which made US employers off-shore to Asia. The Chinese wanted to enter the upcoming NAZI medical pharmaceutical industry without the US being in the joke world of that industry. They were once US allies that now are dead behind the backs of the oil


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      Immortal Army is a turn-based strategy game set in the far future, in a universe where humanity is ruled by immortal demons.

      As the warrior queen, Elizabeth, you will lead your people into the great unknown to reclaim the six continents of the planet. Your greatest weapon is the harp of power, capable of melting the entire planet with it’s energy. The battles are epic and the consequences are everlasting!

      You are elite warrior, so you must train yourself every day. First, you must dodge attacks from the enemy. Next, you must choose a form and charge your weapon. Then you must attack the enemy to break the line of his defenses. Finally, you must finish your opponent in one blow.

      Each world has four stages in every game and each world is one of the six continents from the Mortal Plane and has a distinct look and layout. Some worlds have bonus stages with new abilities. The world of Woodrun, for example, has two bonus stages that have the player controlling a giant monster.

      You can play Immortal Army solo or multiplayer; you can even play with friends using the new Steam cloud or TeamViewer.


      Experience a hand-drawn 2D universe that uses expertly detailed character sprites.

      Lead the Army of Immortals to claim the six continents of the Mortal Plane for humanity.

      Train yourself using a variety of character skills and abilities such as: Hijack, Charm, Haste, Fortify, Psyche, Spin, and Confuse.

      Lead your armies on twelve stages, each with its own unique landscape and challenges.

      Play with friends or enemies on up to four different multiplayer games.

      View and manage your party from the battle screen.

      Receive support from the advisers.

      What’s New in Version 1.0.6:

      Minor bug fixes and improvements.

      What’s New in Version 1.0.5:

      Play the battle at the level of the gods as you battle the immortal giants and their minions.

      Easy search system now works.

      Modifications of the titles, graphics and sound have been made.

      What’s New in Version 1.0.4:

      Initial Release

      What’s New in Version 1.0.3:

      Added the ability to choose between different difficulty levels, including one that is free from experience points.

      Reworked the screen transition effect between stages to minimize the


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