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Inspired by Cartoon Network’s “Cartoon Network Journeys” series, Cartoon Network Journeys VR offers the chance to take a virtual journey into the surreal universe of Cartoon Network, go on adventures to new dimensions and save a planet from evil.
The VR game simulates the Cartoon Network Journeys experience with fully-reproduced and custom assets with the same level of quality as the original Cartoon Network Journeys series. You can quickly unzip the game and experience it anywhere, anytime!
Available for download from the Google Play Store now.
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published:16 Sep 2015


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ALONE IN SPACE Features Key:

  • Main Features:
    1. Real-Time First Person Shooter Game.
    2. AI-based online multi-player game and local play.
      • AI & weapons system that are adaptive
    3. Autonomous flying multi-player game.
      • Team-up with other players on various servers.
      • Autonomous flying in a large spaces.
  • Options Feature:
    1. 8 difficulty levels: Easy to Hard
    2. Choose the Number of Players: 2 to 25 players
    3. Fastest & Slowest Mode:
    4. Gain Experience per Kill.
    5. In-Game Chat: add and remove players.
    6. Animated Spectating Player.
    7. Pick-up Locater: player’s locater display.
    8. Rocket Arming: Player chooses to use ammo or Armor to kills.
    9. Landing game: a lot of game modes in single map
    10. Set your own level.
    11. Increase the number of Item Boxes.
    12. Disable Health Modifier.
    13. HOT Save & Load in Single player mode.
    14. Advanced Settings.

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      Let’s get straight to the point.
      We all want to spend our time on our computer doing what we like. But your work everyday is not really a pleasure. So, how do we cope with that?
      What if there was a game full of fun? You can’t leave it at home and go to a friend’s house to play it. And let’s not talk about good headphones when you’re wearing an earphone.
      So, the game designers are thinking about you and decided to take that burden off your shoulders by writing your favorite game.
      You are the game designer. You like playing games. You think hard to design a strategy game that doesn’t require many buttons to play and satisfies you. This should make you happy because it will be the only game you need.
      FREE to play
      Relax and enjoy your time.
      Simple in-game menu.
      No need for Unity3D
      Modular Game
      Many high-end body horror references
      But you don’t want to leave it at that
      So, just let your creativity flow.
      What kinds of things can you do?
      You can remove things from the bodies of enemies.
      And that’s not the only reason for you to play. You can also eat them.
      It’s your appetite.
      You like gameplay that includes your appetite.
      And you can also remove ‘orrible things from the monsters.
      Do you like getting more creatures to attack you? Then you have to place a red dot on them.
      What’s a red dot?
      It’s an alarm on your enemies.
      It makes them very aggressive.
      You can also raise the rate of your heart by removing things from the monsters.
      When you learn the enemy’s behavior patterns, you can save time by removing things from them.
      This game is like an online-based game.
      You can see what kinds of things the NPCs are removing from the bodies and, by the way, what they eat.
      But, even though you’re offline, you can still play the game.
      You can simply design what you want.
      What’s New


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      Kind regards, and hope you have a great gaming experience!


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      What’s new in ALONE IN SPACE:

        Lu Bu and Liu Bei once visited Tang Hsin Tsai by invitation, and on their arrival had a conversation with her. When Tang Hsin Tsai asked them about their adventures, Lu Bu remarked: “Your servant’s country is situated on the banks of the Yangtze River. It is now occupied by Ts’ai Mao-te, and next to his country is the Qiao (Bulong) Kingdom of Wu. Wherever there is a foreign state, it must have a ruler and a fort. This rule is capable of defending its country; and the country has some defence, for it is surrounded by hills and forests. Therefore I do not consider Wu a powerful state. If we should dispose of our army to fight the enemy, how can we protect our country? Why waste our substance and our lives! Your servant does not know how Ts’ai Mao-te could protect his country against Wu. Under the above conditions, why are we to fight with Wu?” “O my countryman,” replied the lady, “in olden days, when the feudal lords sat in the State Hall of Yu (Hall of Ancestral Ancestry), what were they discussing?” “What did they discuss?” asked Lu Bu. The lady replied: “They were discussing about where the Jiyao (Faith) was unearthed and buried in their country: ‘But the Shulie Shang (Greater State) and the Chin (Lesser State) have not been able to find it.’ “ “The State Hall referred to by the lady was the one where the deceased feudal lords were buried,” said Lu Bu. “The Shulie Shang and the Chin were those who had a State Hall, but not the Tao (Taoist) God Hall. My country is Yu, which has Tao (ism), and is called Wu: ‘Greater State.’ Against any foreign state, the inhabitants each possess the Tsaisei (Big Army). I do not know how Ts’ai Mao-te is able to defend his country against Wu. My country is called Ts’aiwu (Pertaining To, Ruling) but not Wu.” Ts’ai Hsin-tsai asked: “Lu Bu is yours, and Wu is your country. How could Wu be his country?” Lu Bu replied: “I am Lu Bu, the


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        Samurai III was a remake of the (Ot) Taipu tamashii Senkei Zu- One, which was a school type game for kendama! It was one of the first kendama games to be released for the Super Famicom system.
        The game is about a young swordsman named Kimon who studies for his dreams of becoming the best swordsman in the land. What is his inspiration?
        If you’re worried about the censorship, you can move away your hand that hits the enemies right after it has hit! It will cut off the part it is in the air.
        The game has a full voice dubbed by the 4 main characters.
        *Two different versions of the game:
        -The Japanese one (which I will link below)
        -The Korean version. Which is just a simple game with just one life (1~3) and no idea what to do after death:
        -How to play:
        My favorite part in this game is the game play!
        Each of the weapons has different ways to attack such as a straight hit, a slash hit, or a switch hit.
        There is also a backward/forward hit, which comes in handy if you’re trying to attack the enemies while they attack you!
        Also, some enemies can float in the air. The way to hit them is by jumping and face-timing your hits!
        *Remixed version:
        *Game itself:

        The game is a remake of the old game of the same name. It was for Microsoft Windows, but has been re-released for the PS2 since it released in arcades.
        Originally, the game was released in a cabinet in arcades, but was later put in the GBA cartridge, which gives a better feeling then playing it in the arcades.


        How To Crack ALONE IN SPACE:

      • Download latest game from their website.
      • When download complete extract the downloaded file to any of the 3 Options.
        • WINEINSTALLER for Windows 64
      • If you choose to run this installer, you should have internet connection. If you don’t have internet connection wait till you get
        Internet, then enter following URL to activate your game.
      • Open internet settings on your keyboard to enter URL, then hit ENTER/RETURN on keyboard.
        • One of the following options will work:
          • >
          • >
          • >
      • If you entered the URL without errors, then enter username as admin and password as motorgradxt as it is shown on the game’s logo after entering the URL.
      • Wait till the Authentication page is loaded.
      • Select “OK” on Auth page to get Logged into your game.
      • Continue further to play the game.

      How To Play Game:

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