2020 KitchenDesign V9.1.1.466

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2020 KitchenDesign V9.1.1.466

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Perl will not run. I don’t understand why. No program or file?

I have a perl script that I am modifying, and I am running it with python. The perl script is supposed to read user-inputted text files and output text files accordingly.
The problem is the script doesn’t run. I did a chmod +x test.pl and ran it with perl test.pl and it returns a printout of “Can’t open input file test.txt!”
I have perl in /usr/bin and used this script to test to make sure:
$perl -v
This version of Perl was built for x86-gnu-linux and uses
SVN revision 201190.
Home directory /home/webc2/web/test
Architecture x86-linux


Make sure you have perl binary with command:
/path/to/perl #! /usr/bin/perl

Or if you want to make it a script

# then run it

If you don’t want to make it a script make sure you have perl binary in path.
PS You might want to turn on debugging if this issue is causing you problem.

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