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O nce upon a time, elves and dwarves were bitter rivals. They competed over power, money, and prosperity, while the other races strove for their own goals. These conflicts were prolonged and painful.

Since the formation of the tribes, races lived in a perpetual circle of violence, hatred, and enmity.

With the start of the new era, the Elden Ring Crack Keygen came into existence. The ring, made out of unicorn horn, can be passed from generation to generation. It provides a great power to whoever has it, but its noble purpose was never realized.

In the Last War, the E elves found the Elden Ring Cracked Accounts, but used it for greed and destruction. In the process, humans, dwarves, and stone giants were annihilated.

Two years have passed. Humans and elves are struggling with the remnant of the Last War.

The battle for supremacy is raging between the two tribes. Elves hold on to their beliefs of mutual cooperation, while the humans grudge their lives in the lands claimed by the elves. They will strive to wage war for their survival against the elves.

That’s when the Farseers, the advanced humans, were born…


Two years have passed since the last war between the elves and dwarves. The great destruction has left the elf tribe on the brink of extinction.

The elves are left with only ruins of their lands and powerful territories. Furthermore, the Farsers, humans, have appeared in their realm.

Armed with science and technology, they are a formidable enemy with an incredibly high level of military power.

At the moment, a conflict between the elves and the Farsers is the only thing that can save the elves from extinction.


Choose any of the elf tribes and fight to be the one to end the war.

The one who is a greater and stronger warrior in the near future will succeed in ending the war.

The fate of the elves depends on you.


Take on the role of the chosen one. Become an elf tribe’s strongest hero.

Havent fully participated in the last war, or have no experience at all with combat.

F up to the 3rd difficulty level, the difficulty will increase up to the 5th difficulty level


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Asynchronous Online Element for Friendship and Cooperation Between Players
  • Four Unique Adventure Worlds with a Variety of Excellently Designated Environments
  • Set the “Elden Ring” as the Faction that you choose to become an Enforcer
  • Beginning with Lesser Magic Skill Sets, the Spirit of Awakening will arise and aid you to become an Elden Lord
  • Unique Bosses and Actions that Enhance the Drama
  • Three Mechanized Factions in which the Different Attributes of the Ring alternate
  • Tired of your status in the world? If the Land Between where your ring was lost is a dead sea of human habitation, delve into new adventure worlds, and become an Elden Lord.
  • Elden Ring, Become an Enforcer of the Elden Ring, and reach a new level of power!

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    “A really fun RPG”

    by A Kotaku Editor-Editor

    “Looking forward to reading more!”

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    by Korean Game News

    “A thoroughly enjoyable story filled with new forms of entertainment.”

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    We would like to announce that registration for the Elden Ring Crack Mac Online Play is now available on PlayStation 4 and the ELDEN RING Game App for iOS. Please download and play the Elden Ring Online Play by following the following steps.

    Registering for Online Play

    On the PlayStation 4, go to PlayStation Store and log in with your PSN ID. Log into the PlayStation Store by pressing the X button on the PlayStation 4 console while also holding the PlayStation button on the controller. Then, follow the onscreen instructions to the end and enter your password. From the home screen, select Multiplayer from the option that pops up (the actual instructions will vary depending on your console). Select the green button and follow the onscreen instructions.

    On the iOS device, go to the App Store and log in with your Apple ID. Tap on “Games” at the bottom of the screen and choose “Play now”. Select “Register” and follow the instructions.

    You will need an account on the PlayStation4, iPhone or iPad in order to play Elden Ring Online Play. After registering, you will need to create a new ID, the ID will be different for each device on which the PS4 and iPhone will be used.

    Registering for the Elden Ring Game App

    On the iOS device, go to the App Store and log in with your Apple ID. Tap on “Games” at the bottom of the screen and choose “Play now”. Select “Register” and follow the instructions.

    Elden Ring Online Play

    The Elden Ring Online Play is currently still in open beta, on a temporary basis. We expect to upgrade the Online Play to the online version of the game by the end of December, and will update this post with more information.



    Elden Ring Free Download 2022

    The new fantasy action RPG with the Infinity Engine.
    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.


    Every character has their own voice.
    The residents of the Lands Between have their own voices. As the leader of the successful expedition party, set forth on the road to El Dorado, their voices come into your ears.
    “Thank you for saving our village.
    I’m grateful for your help.”
    “Let’s work together and become great friends in order to travel to El Dorado.”
    Or, “Why did you betray us?”
    The voices of the people are also the mark of nobility and nobility.
    “Yes, I must be guided by grace!”
    “My grandfather is a lord!”
    “My grandfather was a lord!”
    “The leader is nobler than all the rest!”
    “It’s not nobler than all the rest, nor below me!”
    “It’s too heavy to hold it!
    It’s too heavy to carry!”
    The chief of your party is not a representative of the nobility, but is a pitiful man who grew up alone.
    “You’re too heavy to carry and not even a lord, not a noble.”
    “Is it really that heavy?”
    “Hold it.”
    “Take it.”
    “What’s the matter?”
    “You’re too heavy!”
    “You’re too heavy!”
    “Take it.”
    “Take it.”
    “Sorry for taking it.”
    “I would like to return it.”
    “Hold it.”
    “Take it.”
    “Take it.”
    “Take it.”
    “No, I’m not taking it.”
    “Please take it.”
    “Please take it.”
    “Please take it.”
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    “I’m not taking it.”
    “I will take it.”
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    What’s new:

    Dive into its peaceful and lush plains, change the country’s culture, and build up a strong military.
    • The Country’s History: A New History
    The future: an obscure country in the Lands Between, a country composed of only the Eldan Empire who relocated here from elsewhere. The description is a new history in which the festival atmosphere of the past becomes the serious and dark atmosphere of the future.
    • A Strange Country: Wealthy, but with a Darker Past
    To regain its national pride, the country decided to return to feudal ages through a political power game.
    • World Leaders: Fascinating Politicians
    In a feudal society where lords have their own territories, fighting for a political power game between the nobility is a complex dynamic involving various political figures.
    • An Epic Drama: A New Story from a Multilayered Script
    An epic drama in which each parallel story intersects, a story in which the various thoughts of the characters coexist.
    • Special Story: A Special Drama
    There is a story that only the heroes that are in the story know. A story that led them to the fate they have at the present time, and to a country that is initially unfamiliar to them. 《Eternal Isles》 Campaign ‘The New Fantasy Action RPG
    • A Rich Game Experience: New and Comfortable Game Mechanics
    A switch game with features you can experience in other RPGs.

    ■ Features ■
    Test your combat skills and complete quests to fight against powerful monsters and earn treasure.
    Making world
    A vivid world full of exciting and chaotic actions that you can freely explore, experience with your own sense of purpose.
    Loyal team
    Play alongside a new and dynamic party of heroes, who have their own goals, thoughts, and views of life and death.
    Customize your party
    Equip a party of up to five members and develop them through different challenges.
    Travel while protecting the head of your party and explore the world, defeating monsters


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