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Download 🆓 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download 🆓 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






About Ragnarok Online
A Korean MMORPG that lets you take on the role of a hero fighting to overthrow the evil Kurozumi clan and protect the Last Goddess.
1. Delve into the Depths of Magic, Fight Epic Monsters, and Discover the Land Between the Worlds
The world of Ragnarok Online is one where players can mine precious resources, build up their base, discover various dungeons, and overcome epic monsters. In addition to this, players can take on quests that are randomly generated based on the situation and setting.
2. Create Your Own Hero and Level Up to Fight Epic Monsters
During the quest that will guide you on your journey, you will be able to select your own weapons, armor, and magic that will become your character’s ultimate weapon. In addition to this, you can level your character by acquiring experience points through winning battles and quest rewards.
3. Enjoy the Endless Action by Picking Your Favorite Hero and Enjoying an RPG Style
By creating your own hero, you can choose to follow the path of a strong character, a cool character with the skill of a mage, or a mysterious character, and enjoy the action while advancing and progressing the story.
4. Classic MMORPG Elements
In addition to the action of creating your own character, you will take control of a hero who can transform into a dragon and ride that dragon to travel in a wide world of magic.
5. Completely Customize Your World
A world where players can fully customize the appearance of their character, including the skin tone of the characters and the weather outside. You can freely build your own item, furniture, and unique scenery as you please, and create a world that will leave your friends in awe.
About Reincarnation System
In the game, heroes can be reborn in various new forms based on their wisdom of reincarnation.
• On the Field – At the Hero Selection screen, select and customize your character to create a character fit for the adventure ahead.
• In PvP – Win with skill and experience. In the field, apply character specific skills such as using a ranged weapon or fighting with magic to gain an advantage against opponents.
• In PvE – Explore a variety of dungeons and areas.
• In the World – Choose your own hero and follow the story of Ragnarok Online
1. In the game, you can select and choose your preferred hero, which will then become your chosen class.
2. In the field, you can swap to other classes, such as a


Download 🆓 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download 🆓 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Features Key:

  • 30,000 sq. kilometers land including fields and dungeons to explore. Creation of a variety of new enemies and items including your customizations.

  • 10 unique jobs – including a Knight, a Sorcerer, and an Archer.

  • Enormous towns and villages that you can customize. A variety of jobs for each town. Take the reins of the rural life in your town.

  • The “Beast Mode” adventure mode where a fearsome beast which possesses destructive power is accompanying you. The various forms of the beast and their effects vary for each game.

  • Equip the best weapons, armor, and magic, and customize them.

  • Players can directly connect with other players, or you can directly connect with other players.

  • Battle with the monsters you have summoned, and destroy the monsters that come with other players.

  • Equip weapon/armor (or use them as attacks) and then use your character’s class to summon monsters on the battlefield. Those monsters are summoned/recruited while they are idle in midair. Summoners gain strength according to how long they have been idle. This is a system to strengthen the strengths of the monsters.

  • In the midst of battles, you are prompted to explore in order to seek out precious items and materials.

  • Two New Characters and New Backgrounds for a Reason:
    We are launching the game with just two characters, but we are adding new characters in parallel to increase the number of options and situations in the game. New characters will become available as soon as the three new characters have been added to the game.

    The Gift of the Moon in Japan:
    In Japan, we recently released “The Gift of the Moon,” a special edition of the game that includes both Konjiki (Monsters) and Konjiki SOS! (Modded). If you obtain the basic game, you can get a copy of this special edition for free in


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    Ys Seven is the latest entry in the Ys series, and comes after Ys: Memories of Celceta, which came out for the Playstation Vita in Japan, and an Ys remake that came out for the PS3 in Japan.

    Ys is set in the newly created world of Orichalcum, after an apocalyptic event where a lone protagonist banished away to distant lands to protect them from the fate of the world. But, since he was placed in a magical realm called Ys, he soon discovers he’s actually been turned into a monstrous being, and in the process of battling against that and the world and even the Shadow Lord, he’s summoned as a hero to battle.

    Here’s a summary of the review for the PlayStation Store.

    Gameplay & Story

    What’s great about this reboot of the series is that it gives you a lot more to do than just fighting off your undead enemies. In the game, you’ll be traveling across various lands and regions, exploring for treasure and monsters to hunt, finding new items, forging new weapons and armor, and leveling up to get access to new weapons and skills.

    Combat, however, is still the primary focus in the game. You’ll slowly unlock abilities as you play that make you more adept in combat and allow you to deal even more damage to your foes. You’ll also acquire new weapons and armor as you go, and will begin the process of upgrading them. Battles in Ys Seven are turn-based, with you ordering all of your teammates to attack, and they are also timed, so timing the actions of your teammates is critical. It’s also important to be mindful of what actions you have in your arsenal at any given time, and the enemies and settings around you as well.

    Ys Seven also includes a plenty of different dungeons and other places to go that have a variety of unique enemies to combat, loot to


    Elden Ring Free

    Releases 2013/03/22 Game Features
    Story of the Horn of the Elden Ring
    In the Lands Between where the Elden Lords once reigned on the ancient continent of Tyrnea, the fragile balance of nature is being gradually broken. The civil war that broke out took place ten years ago, and due to its viciousness, the Elden Lords are now facing extinction. However, a strange looking horn has appeared in the region of the Elden Lords’ final battleground, and a conspiracy is taking shape. Players will have the opportunity to take part in a three-way conflict of powerful races and fight alongside these Elden Lords in battle.
    How to Play
    The main character has three jobs, and the player must combine these at his or her own discretion:
    Quests: Various quests will be available for the player to complete. For example, the player can choose to complete a quest while killing enemies in a labyrinth, or complete a quest by sneaking past enemies. The player can also complete individual quests, or participate in a group quest. Various types of quest will be available, depending on the job and the nature of the region. Completing quests will earn experience points, gold, and new items.
    Battles: Player can join another player’s party or fight enemies on their own. Battles occur in the form of turn-based battles. With six classes, the player can switch class and form a party of four while travelling the Lands Between. Battling against tough enemies will earn experience points, gold, and new items.
    World Map: Players can freely travel around the Lands Between. In the world map, a graphically highlighted route will be provided, which players can freely travel along. Traveling to various regions on the map and performing actions will earn experience points, gold, and new items. If a quest is available for a certain region, the player will be prompted to start it. The player can also sell items at the in-game shop. If you have enough gold, you can also increase the amount of gold available for purchase.

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    In addition, the
    Elden Ring Collector Kit, a collection of Blu-ray discs featuring designs by the development team featuring a total of 44 tracks performed by voice actor soloists and a cover featuring all the Blu-ray discs, including tracks designed specifically for the game by the development team itself, will be for sale in limited quantities.

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    If you want to explore the fandom, here’s a map
    out of the game and story world:

    If you like you can link your own map, nothing
    is pathed yet, I have a character designer who would
    be happy to design a map for you.

    So there you go, there is a space program, along
    with magic, minions, weapons and spaceships, you
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    Download Elden Ring

    X1.Download the Trial Version of the Elden Ring game and install to your computer.
    2.Select “Direct Load” from the Menu and enter the special link provided by the game.
    3.Input and hit the key when prompted to complete the download.
    4.As the internet connection changes, disconnect, and reconnect if you receive errors.
    5.Input the Special Key and the game is complete, enjoy.
    [Key] – Special key, required to enter the game. (Special key can be retrieved through your browser history)

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    Elden Ring Game Guide

    How to Start the Game

    Press E on your keyboard to go to the main menu.

    Press S to go to character creation.

    Press X to select “Converse with an Elden”.

    Go to the “Converse with an Elden” screen.

    After selecting the different characters, select the “Converse with an Elden”.

    In the Special Key, input the special key provided by the game. (Special key can be retrieved through your browser history)

    Enter the special key in the game.

    Select the first character with the characters displayed on your screen.

    Select the first conversant with the displayed characters.

    Begin a conversation with the conversant.

    Accept the request in the dialogue box.

    Accept the request when it is displayed.

    Select the current conversation to continue it.

    Conversation with the conversant.

    If the conversant refuses to continue, select a different conversant.

    If the conversant continues, continue the conversation.

    If the conversant refuses to continue, select a different conversant.

    If the conversant continues, continue the conversation.

    When the conversant decides to continue the conversation, select “yes” in the dialogue box.

    If you accept the request, the conversation will continue.

    Select “Yes” in the dialogue box.

    The conversation will continue.

    If the conversation goes well, select “Yes” in the dialogue box.

    If you accept the request, the


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download Elden Ring
  • Extract the rar file to a desired destination
  • Go to the software directory, locate “crackme” folder, run “crackme.exe” and follow the instruction displayed on the screen
  • Pass the validation test by completing the instruction display on the screen
  • Enjoy the full version
  • Features:

    Deluxe Version 2018

    • New Content for Players To Enjoy
    • New and Improved UI
      • Enjoy the Graphics When On PC
    • Improved Sound and Vibration
    • Deluxe Version Features
      ・ New Music
      ・ New Scenario
      ・ New Character Names
      ・ New Title Type of All Edit Mode
      ・ New Save Scenario Clear Cache
    • ■ New Dialogue System
    • ■ New Job Class – Foreman
    • ■ New Skill – Beast Riding
    • ■ New Skill – Beast Crafting
    • ■ New Skill – Traveling Mage
    • ■ New Skill – Gathering Mage
    • ■ New Skill – Fishing Mage
    • ■ New Skill – Bear Riding
    • ■ New Skill – Shepherd
    • ■ New Skill – Boat Building
    • ■ New Skill – Crafting Wood
    • ■ New Skill – Native Researcher
    • ■ New Skill – Beast Rider
    • ■ New Skill – Beast Killing
      • Bee Horse
    • ■ New Skill – Whirlpool Fishing
      • Fish Point Receipt Character

    of A Royal Warrior 15 (Console Version)


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7 or higher
    Processor: Intel Dual Core or more
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible graphics card (drivers for legacy cards are available in the AppDB. If you have problems installing the game, try removing all the apps and reinstalling the game)
    Additional Notes:
    3D graphics card support is partially implemented for the first chapter only. GPU rendering was disabled in the first chapter for the sake of performance. But it will be re-enabled in a future patch to allow more detail