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The Elden Ring Cracked Version is one of the seven nations of the Lands Between. A land inhabited by humans and monsters where both sides clash.

The Elden Ring is an Alliance of Elves, Humans, and the Devil Tribe.

Although the Seven Countries, which are birthed from the Elden Ring, are still in chaos, it is a nation whose power is gaining ground.

Recently, the Elden Ring has come under attack from a powerful evil force known as the Brotherhood of the Black Shadow.

Tarnished Heroes forges a new way to play RPGs.

In Tarnished Heroes, there is no die roll. No death. No risk.

The choices you make are as important as their consequences.

An epic story awaits you!


– During the Battle in the Lands Between, in the midst of war between the Elves and the humans, the Elves summoned the Devil Tribe members. They gave them to us. And a war broke out between the humans and the Elves. The Elves were defeated, and many Elves were killed.

– The Elden Ring that was forged in the time when the world was created is now one of the seven nations of the Lands Between.

– The Elden Ring has been weakened by the current events in the Lands Between and is starting a restoration period.

– What is known as the Dark Shadow Brotherhood appeared in the Lands Between.

– The grand orders that rule the lands came into being. And a new war started.

– ‘Tarnished Heroes’ – This is a story woven from fragments in which the Elden Ring and The Dark Shadow Brotherhood clash.


– Main Character

The main character is Little Eden, who fights a demon who escaped from the Great Abyss and dwells on the land of the humans.

– Enemy Character

There are three demon race members who dwell in the Lands Between, as well as the Devil Tribe that has been raised.

– Three Legendary Knights of the Elden Ring

Their first appearance is ‘The Prophecy of the Elden Ring’.



– Deep Restores in the Third-Person View

You can dive deep into your quests in this game by moving your character and viewing the areas from various angles.

– Solve Evolving Dilemma by


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Large World Full of Variety
    Elden Ring marks a trend in the online RPG world. Previous games had small maps and fixed quest, which lack variety. The key feature of this game is that the world changes from scene to scene, with quests being mini-game objects and dungeons being different areas, so dynamic quest development has never been so exciting and intense.
  • Epic Drama Every Which Way You Turn
    Picking up the story from the starting point of the protagonist, who is currently wearing a blessed talisman that was given to him, the story will begin in one place and continue in a different place.

    • With Perceptive Towns, the Villages and Towns You Uncover Will Change the Story and You’ll Be Given Rewards When Collecting Items in Their Surroundings
  • Monotone Color and the Convenience of Random Maps
    Elden Ring is an online RPG that uses a random map in a colored monotone to heighten the role of iron in your souls.
    When performing a quest in a certain area, the world will change with a new map, allowing you to freely explore your surroundings.
  • A Nighttime World with the Magic of the Dark
    The world of Elden Ring flickers with the light of magic. The color of monsters, as well as that of flowers, changes at night.
    Our attention is currently being drawn to darkness and spells. Elden Ring plays up this atmosphere.
  • Race and Class Introduction and Character Customization
    Players can express themselves through character creation, and play your character freely by developing your stats and equipment.
    Players who find difficulty in choosing equipment will be given many options.
  • Tools for Players to Excite Themselves to Fight
    Players can freely and by their own volition increase attributes to increase the elements of war and magic. These increases will make it easier for them to use the necessary tools.
  • Customizable Titles
    Players can choose from a variety of custom titles and obtain their titles at the event gate.
  • Battle Songs That Move with You
    In addition to the main battle, the arena’s monsters will sing and allow for more chaos.
    Let’s take on the battle songs.
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    “[2K Games] really nailed it with The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Their quality of production and attention to detail were up there with my favorite F2P games. You’re building your deck by picking cards down to what you want in order to counter your opponent’s deck. Trying to do this while keeping your hands on the cards really kept the game entertaining. I found a lot of fun in the game.”


    “[The Elder Scrolls: Legends] has all the trappings of a top-notch strategy card game: It’s accessible, free to play and has a balanced meta of powerful cards. My biggest complaint is one that has haunted other games before: You can’t see the cards in your hand.”


    “[2K Games] really nailed it with The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Their quality of production and attention to detail were up there with my favorite F2P games. You’re building your deck by picking cards down to what you want in order to counter your opponent’s deck. Trying to do this while keeping your hands on the cards really kept the game entertaining. I found a lot of fun in the game.”


    “[The Elder Scrolls: Legends] has all the trappings of a top-notch strategy card game: It’s accessible, free to play and has a balanced meta of powerful cards. My biggest complaint is one that has haunted other games before: You can’t see the cards in your hand.”


    TAKE THE CALL OF THE LORD – The tales of Tarn
    THE SLAYER OF THE WILD – Ranulf Siefker
    AN ELDEN LORD ARRIVES – Eline and Seth
    NIGHTS OF DELIGHT – The tale of Etrius d’Reth
    THREE BONES – A journey through time


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    • A Fun and Comfortable World that Supports Speed
    The fun gameplay starts with a character view that represents the speed of the game. Characters have a second scale next to the meter. The values increase as the player gets faster, allowing them to focus on the fight while avoiding random encounters.
    • More Handiness than Aiming
    You are able to see your character’s full health from the lower right in the character view. When you strike an enemy, it falls to a certain health and a meter is added to the character view. The meter exceeds the value if the player does not attack. The maximum health is displayed in the lower left of the character view. When the health bar is full, you have a very high chance of missing.
    • No Need to Level Up Your Equipment
    All items are obtained by defeating monsters. All you need to do is to change your equipment to increase your strength. Items are acquired from monsters after a fight. The number of items you can earn varies, depending on the number of monsters in the area, and the higher the number of monsters defeated, the better items you receive.
    • A Good Weapon That Fits Your Character
    Using a basic weapon for the first time is challenging. Since you cannot use any of your equipment items, it is best to use a weapon that makes the most sense for your character. Also, changing your weapon to a better weapon after a fight is faster than using the basic weapon. You can change weapons by using items.
    • Combat in the Tradition of the Film
    “The use of motion capture technology in the game allows the player to fight while wielding weapons and casting powerful spells just as in real life. Not only does this technology raise the level of the game, but it also takes the role-playing game genre to a new level in terms of action.
    The Elden Ring story is born from the myth of the world. In a certain period in history, the will of the gods was sealed in the world, but now many years have passed and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. As you have gathered strength through experience, you will now take on the role of Lord to revive the world.
    In the game, the story is told in fragments, and the more fragments of the story you discover, the more the story of the game is revealed.
    The game is playable online for free via PlayStation®Network. Any match you have played online is stored in the memory of the console,


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    At this point, we’ve somewhat lifted the veil of secrecy, and we’ll be releasing a page with more screenshots as each of the game’s features is unveiled. As a result, what you see above are but a small sample of the exciting new fantasy action RPG coming to PS4 later this year. We are confident in saying that there will be plenty for you to dig into.

    Summon Monsters!
    Corpses, pets, beasts, cyborgs — regardless of the form in which they appear before you, the enemies that you face in Summoners War are formidable opponents. But Summoners have unique Elemental Powers, elements that make them more powerful than any other monster. Perhaps the properties of that element exceed your own strength or capabilities? Then it is time to summon a power-up: a powerful special effect that might let you blow a hole in your defense. Summoners can pay attention to their enemies as they yield up their life, choose the optimal moment, and unleash a profound effect.

    You may control an Elemental Creature. But in this game, you are demi-human: the target of your enemies. Your own strength, temperament, and development are just as important as your powers. Your own powers will be reflected in your skill, growth, and character… and that in turn will become the key to summoning powerful new powers in the future.

    Play Anywhere, Anytime
    Summoners War is an online game where information and battle commands are accessible through the network so you can play it without thinking about additional installations. The game also boasts three client installations, which are designed to work well on your home game console, to make your ownership of the game seamless. You can even play on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

    We plan to go into greater detail with more information until the game’s official release later this year. We will continue posting any new information related to the game throughout the development process and it would be a great pleasure to receive your feedback.

    TAO of Capcom
    Q&A Series Creative Director

    HunterX: Can you tell us which monster in Summoners War fans might be the


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