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The new fantasy action role playing game from KOEI follows the Elder Scrolls Series and is a huge world game where you can fully customize your character. Players can play the game alone or through the Online Connection feature that is accompanied by an all new UI/UX.
The Online Connection feature allows players to connect to the online community seamlessly through the main campaign and can also use it to travel to other players’ world and meet other players while playing the same world. It is completely free to play unlike other games that charge players a fee to access content.


KOEI Company, Ltd., is a Japanese company specializing in the development, production and publishing of games that feature high quality software and art and have long-lasting popularity. Since its founding in 1978, KOEI has produced more than 200 games for various platforms including the PC, Smartphone, OS, Famicom, and PlayStation.


Contract for KOEI: Elden Ring Crack Free Download

Contract Term: Thirty (30) days starting July 1, 2018

1. Conditions for Application

1.1) Contact:

1.2) Posting URL:

1.3) Application can be accepted only from JP resident.

1.4) Japanese resident must check the following conditions to be accepted:

・Email address, I am over 16 years old, and we don’t have any spam mail addresses.

・I agree to be responsible for any possible damage on the game and network.

・I will not disclose game content to others.

・I agree to do business only on KOEI’s homepage.

1.5) KOEI reserves the right to accept or reject application.

2. Scope of Contract

2.1) Working Style

2.1.1) Design the UI/UX and provide debugging support.

2.1.2) Elaborate and finish the basic description of the game.

2.1.3) The development staff make sure all bugs are solved.

2.2) Title

The game is called “Elden Ring”. The title for the game may be changed.



Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The exhilarating fantasy action RPG
  • A vast world where open fields, wilderness, and enormous dungeons will take your breath away.
  • A seamless gameplay experience in which the nine worlds and hundreds of monsters are connected.
  • The battle system that requires no time. Fight to reach your dream and define your fighting style!
  • Innovative character customization and special features in which your main character gives you a fighting style.
  • Interactive battles with unique online elements that contain cooperative and asynchronous elements so you won’t lose a precious minute when you join others.
  • An enjoyable story that is divided into chapters. Learn to find the way to solve the mystery of the eight princesses of the Elden Ring.
  • The new fantasy action RPG that features several innovations that provide a fresh experience.
  • Release Date:

    November, 2018

    Pre-registration information:

    • PS4
    • 5.7″ / touch screen
    • PlayStation Vita
    • 3.37″ / touch screen
    • Xbox One
    • Xbox One X
    Build quality:

    The box model design and the craftsmanship of the box are very good.

    Battle RoyaleElden Ring Crack + [Updated]

    “I’m amazed at how good this game looks on the PlayStation 4, and how well the combat system works. Of course, that’s not all that great, as the game is still missing some necessary features.” – GAMESPOT

    “While there aren’t any graphics that absolutely stand out, Elden Ring still looks great, and there are some great characters to look at. The deeper into the story you go, the better the storytelling starts getting.” – AQUAMAX

    “The story is captivating, and the visual and gameplay design are both appealing. However, Elden Ring could have used a few more features. It’s just good enough that you might want to try it for yourself.” – PLAYFREAK

    “The presentation is well done, with excellent facial expressions and animation that make the characters look like their real life counterparts. The UI is also well-designed, offering clear and understandable menus, controls, and gear information. The gameplay is reminiscent of a Final Fantasy battle system, with excellent quality.” – KINECTAMA

    “The gameplay is dynamic and unique, in that you’re able to craft your own weapon and items, and a lot of depth that’s surprisingly accessible thanks to a diverse skill system. A very satisfying combat system that gets the job done, though it could use a few more important features like an inventory and a map.” – PSN PROS PLAYSTATION

    “It’s a bit hard to realize that this game is coming from the same developer who made Ace Attorney. The presentation and acting in the game is top-notch, but the story and gameplay are surprisingly simple.” – PSN GAMERSTANDEAD.EU

    “While the graphics are very average, the art design is absolutely beautiful. Elden Ring is an extremely fun game that deserves to be on your library of things you want to play. If you’re looking for a good, action-RPG that doesn’t have too many grinds, Elden Ring might be right up your alley.” – KOEI GAMESTANDEAD.EU

    “Elden Ring is a nice homage to the past, giving players the freedom to create their own character and make their own changes. There are some minor issues, but it is a fun and enjoyable experience.” – B


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    1. Characters
    • Choose from five classes (Warrior, Magician, Archer, Slayer, and Ranger)
    • Nine races
    • Customize your character
    2. World
    • A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.
    • Hone your skills. More than 40 various jobs are in the game.
    3. Battles
    • Evade enemy attacks to avoid losing HP.
    • Build a powerful attack formation and manage your strategy to win the battle.
    • Fight enemies in a dynamic turn-based format.
    • Enjoy the balance of strategy and action.
    4. Economy
    • Each job possesses a set of three stats.
    • Equip armor and magic in order to strengthen your stats.
    • The power of weapons can be amplified by enhancing them.
    • Exchange and sell your items at the Auction House.
    5. Skills
    • Build upon the stat bonuses of each class.
    • Choose the combination of weapon and armor sets suited to the task.
    • Gain access to an ever expanding toolset of skills by leveling up.
    • Choose from four types of skills.
    • Choose from a variety of skills in the skill tree.
    6. Multiplayer
    • Fight over rare items on the battlefield.
    • Fight over enemy lands.
    • Compete for a high score.


    [Added] September 7, 2019

    (DLC) Character Name Changes When you change the character name of the character after unlocking it. You will continue to play as the same character under the old name.

    Hollowed Out Character Name When you change the character name of the character after unlocking it. You will continue to play as the same character under the old name.

    [Added] September 7, 2019

    (DLC) “Hollowed Out” Character Name When you change the character name of the character after unlocking it. You will continue to play as the same character under the old name.

    [Added] September 7, 2019

    (DLC) “Hollowed Out” Skill Name When you change the skill name of the skill after unlocking it. You will continue to play as the same character under the old skill name.

    [Added] September 7, 2019

    (DLC) “Hollowed Out” Skill Text When you change the skill text of the skill


    What’s new:

    Please provide us your favorable opinion of the game’s new scenario on our website so you can be informed of the latest information and in-depth details about the game.

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:


    OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3
    CPU: Intel or AMD Dual-Core processor with 3.5 GHz or faster (Quad core or higher recommended)
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 11 graphics card with 1 GB dedicated graphics memory
    DirectX: Version 11
    Storage: 300 MB available hard disk space
    Sound: DirectX-compatible sound card with 16-bit or higher sample rate and 4 channels
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